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Foundations for Faithful Image-Bearing | Genesis 1
Andrew Cheung
Andrew Cheung
Sunday, May 2, 2021
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Discussion questions:

1. Today, we learned about our call to faithfully bear God’s image.    
Growing up, what if anything do you remember hearing or understandingabout being made in the image of God and how has this understanding been stretched, challenged, or added to in today’s message? What aspects of God’s character are easy for you to resonate with and reflect? What aspects of God’s character are more difficult for you to resonate with?   

2. As you think about brothers and sisters in the body of Christ who see things differently from you, In what ways do you see God’s character revealed in them?

3. What are your thoughts regarding the tension of Creature vs person (dependence vs independence) in thinking? In what ways is it helpful/unhelpful? How do you hold this tension in daily faith and life?

4. Jesus is the Ultimate Image Bearer as he lived on earth as 'Coram Deo.' latin for “before God, in the presence of God, under the authority of God”. How is the idea of Coram Deo helpful in living as Imago Dei? How might living in this image impact me/you on a daily basis?