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Music Director

at Washington Community Fellowship

Job Description

Washington Community Fellowship (907 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC) is searching for a part-time (8 hours/week) Music Director.  This person will be responsible for guiding and assisting the leading of music and the planning of worship along with other WCF leaders. Inquiries and resumes should be sent to hiring@wcfchurch.org.

This position is envisioned to be a part-time position (8 hours per week) and is accountable to the Senior Pastor. The incumbent will work in close consultation with the pastoral staff, elders, and the worship commission.


Employee Characteristics Desired:

  • Spiritually mature and committed to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Committed to WCF’s vision, mission and core values statements and the doctrinal statements adopted by WCF
    throughout its history.
  • Brings giftedness as a musician and skills in music leadership with an understanding and appreciation of the
    various genres and styles of church music and worship.
  • Respects and has musical experience with multidenominational and ethnic diversity.
  • Evidences an attitude that can appropriately relate to the variety and challenges of music ministry and worship
  • Possesses administrative expertise to plan, implement and guide the music life of WCF in ways that embrace
    WCF’s theology and practice of worship.
  • Ability to collaborate and work well with the pastoral staff, elders and worship commission in planning and
    executing vibrant and participatory music life.
  • Possesses capacity and desire to lead, develop and equip volunteers.

Qualifications for Position:

  • College graduate with a degree in ministry and/or church music or relevant professional experience
  • Able to work with and develop volunteers serving in the music ministry.


General Function: To guide, nurture, inspire, resource and assist in the planning and leading of corporate music and
worship life within a multi-denominational context in collaboration with the pastoral staff, elders and worship

Major Function 1: Leadership of Music and Worship

  • Participates consistently in Sunday morning music leading and/or shares the lead with other music leaders.
  • Inspires the congregation to creative and participatory worship through music.
  • Plans and plays music appropriate to the WCF context and attractive to attenders and neighbors.
  • Plans and schedules the musical and liturgical elements of worship services and special events to support the
    goals of the services.

Major Function II: Administrative Leadership

  • Fosters, nurtures and models teamwork and collaboration with all music leaders and musicians in the weekly
    planning of WCF’s music and worship ministry.
  • Incorporates appropriate diversity in WCF’s music and worship experience, both theologically and culturally.
  • Participates with the elders and worship commission in the development of a theology of worship to include
    music, elements of worship, the visual arts and streams of theological traditions.
  • Builds and maintains a music library with input from music leaders that includes a repertoire for worship/sermon
    series and incorporating new music to provide a diverse musical expression.
  • Participates in worship commission meetings and helps craft agenda as appropriate and necessary.
  • Works with the pastoral staff, elders and worship commission to grow and develop a cadre of volunteers willing
    to be involved in planning and leadership in music and worship.
  • Encourages and coaches volunteers in the development of their music and worship leadership skills.


Major Function III: Communication

  • Seeks to learn to know attenders in the congregation to identify potential volunteers to serve in a variety of
    capacities relative to music and worship.
  • Initiates systems of communication with congregational leadership that foster effective communication and
  • Initiates systems of communication with the congregation that foster timely awareness of events such as music
    and worship development workshops so that they can plan to be an active participant.
  • Seeks feedback from congregation and the pastoral staff, elders and deacons, and commission members to foster
    ongoing improvement in the worship experience.
  • Fosters an appropriate level of confidentiality in all matters.