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Worship at WCF
Join us on Sundays at 10:30am
Through liturgy, music, physical space, media, drama and art, Washington Community Fellowship is committed to worship that is:

  • Incarnational - expressing the belief that no part of our life is beyond the reach of our faith
  • Historical - drawing on the Christian heritage, experience, and creativity of our forbearers in the faith
  • Multi-denominational - reflecting the gifts to be received as part of the worldwide church and from various traditions represented by our membership
  • Vibrant - allowing response through all of our senses, as well as intellect and emotion
  • Inclusive - affirming God’s welcome to all who seek to worship in spirit and truth, irrespective of race, class, culture, gender, or ability 
  • Participative - affirming and sharing individual gifts and corporate resources, recognizing we need God and each other
As a worshipping community, our life together continues from the worship service into activities that take place during what we call Second Hour. 




Call to Worship
Songs of Praise
Children's Blessing & Passing of the Peace
Scripture Reading
Song of Response

*On the first, third, and fifth Sundays of the month, we will share in communion together. See below for instructions on how to participate online.


The communion table is where Christ-followers mysteriously encounter the Living God through the elements. At WCF, we want to continue in opportunities for God's grace to work in our lives even when we have to worship at home. So how might we celebrate Communion together when we're in our homes? In preparation for communion, we invite you to do the following:

  • Before the service begins, prepare the elements for your household by finding some bread or crackers for the Bread and some juice or wine for the Cup in the Lord's supper, respectively.  

  • During the service, we will conduct our communion in the service in a similar fashion as we would in person, taking each element together as instructed by the Communion leader. However, we will take a moment to bless the elements before we take them together. So take them in your hands when you are instructed to do so.

  • If you find yourself without what you think are suitable elements, please don't fret. Join in the communion with whatever you have available to you. We trust that God's grace will meet you faithfully as you do so.

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