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From the Worship Commission:

WCF is a “church for all peoples,” but as we step into a new Sunday rhythm on October 8 of Fellowship at 9 am, Teaching at 9:30 am and Worship together at 10:30 am, there may be questions of how our time of Worship might change with people of all ages present.

Consider the image of WCF as a family. While few of us would describe our family relationships as perfect (because none of us get to choose the family we are born into), we all find ways to make our family relationships work. We learn to compromise with, sacrifice for, and be patient with one another. At the same time, we also encounter opportunities to know and be known by one another. We make memories together. As a faith community gathered to worship Jesus together, the image of family can help us encounter God in new ways together that we cannot do alone.

As the children and youth remain for the whole Worship service, here are a few practical guidelines that all WCF family members can follow to help us in our goal of communal formation in the likeness of Christ together, for the sake of others:

For parents:
1. Prepare your children for the Worship service by talking with them about what might happen during the service before arriving on Sunday. Discuss appropriate behavior in the sanctuary during the Worship service, that may differ from other times when we are in the sanctuary before/after the Worship service.

2. Model how children might worship in an age-appropriate manner. E.g. singing when the congregation is singing; silent when the congregation is silent; bowing heads/lifting hands when the congregation is doing so, etc.

3. Explain the significance and meaning of the different parts of the Worship service.

4. Be aware of where your children are. Sitting next to you is not required if they can sit with another child or adult and remain considerate of others in the worship service. For safety purposes, children should remain in the pew areas, not on the platform or in the music team area during the Worship service.

5. Alternatives - Pick up a children’s activity bag in the narthex area (regularly stocked with new activities) to use during the service OR stay connected to the service while watching your more active child via the audio/video feed in Fellowship Hall lobby.

For the WCF family (i.e. everyone!):
1. Your expectations may change as we accommodate more WCF family members to participate together in worship. For example, there may be new sounds and whispers. You may see young ones involved in the service in age-appropriate ways with the long-term goal of training children about the faith and serving together in community.

2. Encourage and model conduct that is appropriate for the element of the Worship service.

3. If there is distraction, be a loving family member and intervene or assist. With kindness, use clear positive reinforcement and a smile to gently direct people (young and old) towards what may be more appropriate.

4. If someone (of any age!) expresses interest in instruments or art, pause to engage them with the equipment, and DO invite them to help/serve on a team. If you’re serving at the time, invite them to help you!