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What do small groups do together? Small groups do more than just Bible Study, small groups are a vehicle for spiritual formation

Small group time can be spent in a variety of ways to build community. Some might share a meal. Other groups may decide to share a contemplative practice together--Lectio Divina is a WCF favorite. Bible study and discussion is another way to experience God, but small groups are also a place to explore your individual giftings and abilities and how they might serve both your personal connection with God as well as the broader community. We plan to explore these gifts on Sunday at the Small Groups Incubator.

If you want to learn more about how you are wired to connect with God, join us this Sunday for Small Groups Incubator after the service. You can find the details here.

Looking forward to worshipping with you, both near and far, 

Kate Lawson-Hedger

P.S. August is open enrollment for the small group year, which begins in September. If you want to join a small group, let us know