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The world we live in tells us only the wise accumulate happiness, knowledge, money and stuff to live a fulfilled life. We're told our work is only meaningful when it is connected to our passions (an added bonus is if you can makes lots of money while you're at it).

But the writer (known as the Preacher) of Ecclesiastes offers a different wisdom. The Preacher helps us consider the meaninglessness or vanity (translated from the Hebrew word, hebel) of all our earthly pursuits. What if we lived our lives now from the vantage point of our death? Could living life in reverse free us up to approach our work, our time and our efforts much differently? Join us in the series on Ecclesiastes, beginning January 9, 2022.

We'll also be digging deeper into the text through 3D: Deep Dive Dialogues that will begin on January 16 at 11:15 am.