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This Sunday marks the Annual Church retreat weekend, meaning that our Sunday morning worship service will be held at the Skycroft Retreat Center as part of the retreat program, rather than at the church building as usual on Sunday mornings. We welcome you to join us for a refreshing time together if you are able to make the trip out to join the retreat participants. If you plan on staying closer to home this weekend, find an opportunity to worship with a church community in the neighborhood, whether it’s in person or online.

Beginning October 10, we will also be reintroducing a treasured WCF rhythm that was interrupted when we began online streaming of our services. Community Celebrations and Concerns (often referred to as CC&C) has been a part the service where the WCF community can honestly share their Celebrations and Concerns with the rest of the WCF family and pray together. As we continue to broadcast our services, on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, we will now stop the online stream after the benediction while those gathering in-person at the WCF sanctuary will continue in the service to share their Celebrations and Concerns with one another. We look forward to celebrating how God is showing up in your lives together.


Blessings and peace to you,

Pastor Andrew