We appreciate your assistance in keeping WCF Fragrance-Free, Latex-Free and Nut-Free


Why are we avoiding fragrances, latex and nuts?

Washington Community Fellowship seeks to be a safe and welcoming space for everyone. This includes people with sensitivities or allergies to fragrances, latex and nuts. By avoiding these things when we gather together, we help make WCF safe for visitors and members, and we are better able to love those in our congregation with life-threatening allergies and sensitivities.


What does it mean to be fragrance-free?

  • Most importantly, please don’t wear perfume, cologne, hair spray, or scented body spray or aftershave to WCF.

  • Please don’t use scented lotions.

  • Be careful about wearing clothes that have retained these scents or scents from laundry products.

    Please avoid scented soaps, especially on Sunday mornings.

  • Deodorants are OK, but avoid heavily scented brands. Better yet, choose an unscented deodorant.


What does it mean to be latex-free?

  • Most importantly, don’t bring balloons into WCF. These can be life-threatening to someone with latex allergies.

  • Other items to avoid include latex gloves, etc.

What does it mean to be nut-free?

  • Please don’t eat nuts in the church or bring them as snacks for your children.

  • Avoid using nuts (including nut milk) in anything you bring to share for potlucks or other events.

  • Labels are provided at potlucks. Please use them to list potential allergens including nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat/gluten, shellfish, etc.

What if I forget? Do I need to skip church?

  • Please don’t go back home. We will have a safe place at WCF for you. Please sit in the section of the sanctuary unmarked with the "Fragrance-free signs".

  • But please be careful about passing your scent to others by hugging or shaking hands.