Renting Our Building
Accessibility & Community

WCF recently completed a major renovation of our first and second floor annex spaces, creating new opportunities for use by members of the congregation and the community. WCF is an active part of the Capitol Hill community and we welcome inquiries about the use of our facilities.

We are also open to new, long-term renters for shared use of the various spaces in our building, such as nonprofit organizations with interests and missions in common with WCF that are in need of space in a flexible, mutually-supportive environment.

WCF is handicapped accessible. The accessible entrance is located at the side of the building on 9th Street NE. Inside the building there is elevator access to all floors and accessible restrooms.


Building Request Form

Facility Details

WCF has the following spaces available for rent

with capacity for 350 people, with sound and multimedia available
Fellowship Hall
with a maximum capacity of 166, with optional use of the attached full kitchen
Conference or Retreat Area
Located on the second floor, with a capacity for 49 and a kitchenette
Various Classrooms
For 14-23 people each
Open Area
Located on the Third Floor, for up to 40 people
Located on the third floor, for up to 16 people
All spaces listed here are accessible via ramp or elevator

Renting Details

Renters must designate one person who will serve as the primary point of contact and complete an application that includes the name of the renter, contact information, a description of the activity, the dates and duration of the activity and other relevant information.

Permission to use church facilities will be given subject to the limitations of the facilities, previous commitments and the intended use of church space. WCF may deny a request if the group making the request or the activity planned is not in line with the vision and mission of WCF. Groups not known to WCF may need to submit additional information in order to be endorsed by our Elders (those who provide spiritual oversight). In addition, our practice is that persons who want to be married at WCF need to be endorsed by our Elders. The wedding officiant may be asked to provide information about the engaged couple and/or the couple may be asked to meet with our Elders prior to using the facility for their wedding.

Please note that WCF is a latex- and fragrance-free building. Balloons, gloves, paint and other latex products are not allowed at any time. In addition, stiletto heels (women’s shoes with a heel that is less than 1 cm wide at the tip) are not allowed in the Fellowship Hall as they will damage the cork flooring. 

Please review the full list of guidelines before submitting a request to use the building. The guidelines are listed on page 3 of the Building Use Request Form.



Fees are charged for the use of the building in order to cover the cost of utilities, services and maintenance of the spaces used. Specific fees for each of the above listed spaces are outlined on the building use form.

  • WCF members, regular attenders and supported ministries will pay a Building Use Fee and Cleaning Deposit. Rental fees are waived. (Members and regular attenders who are using the building for a church ministry gathering (such as small group, mothers of young children, etc.) will only need to pay the refundable cleaning fee.)
  • WCF partners (those with an existing lease with WCF) and non-profit organizations/501(c)3s will be given a 50% discount on rental fees.
  • Outside organizations/individuals will pay full price.

ALL users will be asked to provide a refundable Cleaning or Security Deposit. If the spaces used are left in as good or better condition than they were before the event, this deposit will be refunded in full.


If you have additional questions or want more information, please fill out the building use request form, or contact us, or call the church office at (202) 543-1926.