Abide: Cultivating Our Union in Christ

We live in a culture that incessantly competes for our time, our attention and our dollars with promises of success and happiness. For many Jesus-followers, cultivating our relationship with God often falls into the "important-but-not-urgent” category (ref. Eisenhower’s Decision Matrix). Because the immediate payback is not always clear, it gets displaced in favor of what seems to be most urgent to us. 

What if we treated the practice of our faith not as one more task to do, but as a relationship to enjoy — a state of being to lean into? What if we approached our relationship with God as the goal and purpose of our existence? How would that change our relationship with all that is demanded from us? In John 15:4, Jesus invites his apprentices to “remain” (NIV) or “abide” (NKJV) in Him. As he unpacks what that means in John 14-15, we find that Jesus IS our home. He is where we are meant to be. 

This fall, join us as we embark on a journey to explore the gift of our union in Christ through the Abide message series.