Third Way

Spurred by the questions and requests observed in the Discernment Town Hall events, the elders discussed the value of supporting the community discernment process with some common content for us to engage with as a faith community. While this sermon series will interact with questions of sexuality and marriage, the primary goal of the series is to highlight some of the foundations that undergird the diversity represented amongst the WCF community.

WCF reflects social, political, cultural and theological diversity, but we are united around the life-changing reality of God in Jesus Christ. God’s kingdom invites us to live in light of a different storyline than storylines (of power, of material success, of liberation, of happiness, of personal fulfillment, of mental wellness, of love, of upright morality, of being “nice", of family or national pride, etc.) our world often tells us to live by. Our desire as a faith community is to consider a Third Way of embodying God's love and unity we see reflected in the story of Scripture. Our hope is that these foundations for the Third Way equip each one of us to navigate the challenge of diversity in all aspects of our lives.