Jesus, by Dr. Luke
In the social media age, many of us have likely turned to youtube to (or will likely have to) troubleshoot a running toilet, learn a new recipe, or find a new exercise routine. There is some amazing and mostly-free content available to us now. But one of the best ways to learn and grow is to come under the mentorship of someone who has mastered their craft. As followers of Christ, our chief mentor is Jesus. And for that, we turn to the Gospels for the best content to help us become Jesus’ apprentices.

Join us each Sunday for the “Jesus, by Dr. Luke” sermon series from the Gospel of Luke that presents Jesus as the perfect human who demonstrates the upside-down, all-encompassing nature of God’s kingdom. As we look to Jesus’ life and ministry, we can become more like the One who shows the world how to truly live in God’s love for the sake of others. 
Invitation: Through the first half of 2023, consider reading through the Gospel of Luke in its entirety to accompany the message series.