Just Relationships in a Just World
In a world where tremendous brokenness and injustice can be overwhelming and disheartening, we may be inclined to bury our heads in the sand, or at least preoccupy ourselves with what seems most important to us at the moment. But God’s plan for blessing and redeeming the entire world offers a different path – one of incredible hope. 

Christ-followers live between the past and future arrival of Jesus. It’s a period where we see the “here-but-not-yet” nature of a world where God’s reign is still breaking in. During this time, God invites us to be proclaimers and participants in this not-yet world to come where the broken relationships that burden us now will one day made right. 

This spring, we begin a new series looking at God’s intent for the flourishing of all relationships in Creation and what it means for Jesus-followers to be participants in building just relationships towards a just world.