Lent: Holy Hardship

Americans are generally disposed towards comfort. Anything that interferes with our comfort is seen as something to avoid. As we journey through the season of Lent following the Gospel readings of the Lectionary, we are invited to reflect on some of the difficult situations that Jesus endured on the way to the Cross. Each scene offers a window not only into suffering and sacrifice, but how those acts are ways that God forms us into the holy character revealed in Jesus. 

Lent Devotional resource

During the Lent season, some find it appropriate to practice fasting as a reminder of how Christ is meant to be our sustenance. In addition, we invite you to journey through the Lent season using a devotional resource from the Repentance Project called An American Lent. You can view it on the website, download a PDF, or sign up to have devotionals delivered to your inbox daily. This material that invite us to repent not only of personal sin, but of communal sin that has resulted in the injustices in our nation and world.

Lastly, don’t journey through the season alone. Join with others in a WCF small group to discuss how God is forming you and meeting you in this season. Want to connect to a small group? Contact Jess@wcfchurch.org.

Small Group Resource: American Lent

What does Jesus' life of Holy Hardship have to teach us about how we should respond to racism?

In addition to the resource above, we have developed a small group guide that will help us tie our sermon series and American Lent together. The resource, available for download here, covers 7 weeks of the lectionary texts from Sunday worship as well as some of the video and devotional content from American Lent.

Even if your small group does not meet weekly, the members of your small group can use this resource on off-weeks; you can also choose to skip a week as a group or continue the resource after the season of Lent ends. We anticipate that the Spirit will challenge us deeply as we seek repentance and renewal together.