Practicing the Way: Sabbath

Few things are as desperately needed today as the recovery of the ancient practice of Sabbath–a full day every week set aside to stop, rest, delight, and worship. We don’t sabbath because it’s good for us, (though it is), but because we are apprentices of Jesus, our Rabbi and Lord. To follow after Jesus is to adopt his overall lifestyle as our own and arrange our daily life around his presence and peace, or what the ancients called “following the Way.” And Jesus sabbathed. In fact, many Jesus stories in the Gospels take place on the Sabbath, especially the stories of healing and deliverance. One likely reason is that the Sabbath is a day for healing and freedom. It’s a day where the kingdom to come has come, and we get to enter into a whole new dimension of time and space.

Our participation in this Sabbath Practice is an attempt to give ourselves more deeply to Jesus himself and let him do what no Practice or teaching or book or podcast or technique can possibly do – give rest to our souls.

Here's how you can start exploring Sabbath with us: