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WCF has several community listserv email groups for connecting together. These groups function as an organic forum for sharing prayer requests, hosting community events, and learning about service oppurtunities.

WCF values authentic community, vibrant worship, personal transformation, and social impact. Subscribers are asked to embody these values when using this tool, fostering community, connection, and compassion. When you post, please be aware that these group are publicly accessible and that the moderator has authorization to end the subscription of individuals whose posts do not honor the community values. Please read the Email Group Guidelines before joining and posting at wcfchurch.org/groupguidelines

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WCF Email Groups

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WCF Info
The purpose of the WCF Info group is to create a space for members of the WCF community to post announcements that may be of interest to others in the community. 
WCF Moms
The WCF Moms group was created for moms at Washington Community Fellowship to promote fellowship by gathering together, sharing questions and information, etc. among WCF moms.
This group is for those in the WCF community to receive updates and opportunities to serve with DC127, an organization that supports children in foster care and families that are at risk of entering the foster care system.
WCF Prayer
The WCF Prayer group is used to request prayer for community members and loved ones for any challenges affecting the mind, body, spirit, and soul, and for praise reports.

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