Summer Update: 

In order to make your registration process smoother on your first visit, please pre-register for Children's Nurture here.

WCF’s Children’s Ministry exists to partner with parents, providers, youth, other WCF commissions and the congregation at large to teach children from Scripture and by example the realities and responsibilities of living in the way of Jesus. We emphasize nurturing discipleship, affirming, empowering and celebrating children in every step of their spiritual journey. We mutually encourage all persons involved in children’s ministry to draw near to God in worship and to build strong reconciling relationships through every aspect of our community.


Children's Nurture Classes

Explore God's story with us

Birth to 24 months old

Nursery on the Third Floor


2 - 3 years old

Third Floor 



4 - 5 years old 

Third Floor 


1 - 2 Grade

Second Floor


3 - 5 Grade

Second Floor

Children in Acorns (up to 24 months) are welcome to go upstairs starting at 10 am, at the start of the worship service. Children ages 2-5th grade join the congregation in a time of corporate praise and singing before they are dismissed to their classes. Throughout the year, we have opportunities for the children to participate in the main worship service through Scripture reading and drama.


  • Acorns: Young children in the nursery are cared for and engaged by a volunteer team led by experienced caregivers. 
  • Sprouts and Saplings: Spend time with preschool - Kindergarten children at WCF and you will certainly come away energized! We sing, listen, play, create, and build our way through Sunday mornings, using the Gospel Light Sunday School Curriculum (Preschool level for the Sprouts, PreK/Kindergarten for Saplings) to explore stories and concepts from the Bible. Our emphasis is on basic familiarity with God as Father and as Son. We also introduce the children to the Bible and its main characters. Come join us — we always welcome new friends!
  • Oaks and Sequoias: 1st-5th grades use the Wonder level of the Dwell Curriculum. This curriculum is designed to inspire kid's imagination and curiosity as they interact with the ongoing story of God through the pages of Scripture. It encourages them to recognize that God's story continues in our lives today and gives their faith room to grow through the exploration of each story.


All classrooms are peanut & latex free