So that our Children and Youth can learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment to become all that God calls them to be, WCF has put in place guidelines and practices for our Children’s and Youth Nurture Programs designed to provide protection from abuse or harm.  
Our adult volunteers assisting in the program have undergone an application process that includes an interview, provision of references, and a criminal background check as well as a check with child abuse registries. If those registries do not illuminate any information of concern, they progress through an orientation process that includes our guidelines and practices as well as managing children and youth in a nurture setting as well as recognitions of signs of child abuse.  
A Child Protection Board consisting of the Senior Pastor and other designated church members oversee the policy and practices of our Children and Youth Programs. Those members are currently:

  • Andrew Cheung, Senior Pastor
  • Phyllis Miller, Chair
  • Val Rheinheimer
  • Pat Ruble

If at any time, you become aware of a concern, you can notify any of the above Child Protection Board members and the Board will immediately meet to process your concern. You can contact them by sending an email to or calling